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About Me

Hello! My name is Vincenzo Calla. I am a young political journalist, advocate, and leader from Ottawa, Ontario, and I am glad you are here. I like to create political content, discuss politics with my peers, and get involved in different political stuff whenever I can!

I have been politically engaged since I was 10 years old, dating back to the 2014 Ontario Provincial Election. I took an interest in politics because I noticed that it is a way to make your voice heard, and I liked that. Over the years, I have been getting more involved in politics as a young person through many political youth organizations, campaigns, being a political panelist on the radio, and especially though interviews on my channel!

Through VCalla Productions, I am able to interview so many political figures and share content about what is going on in politics with many, which I enjoy doing.

Outside of politics, I like to read lots of books, play video games, spend time with my family, and getting creative in many ways.

Getting young people involved in politics

As a young person involved involved in politics, I have made it my mission to talk to as many young people as possible about the political process, the importance of politics, and so much more. In this photo, I was visiting a High School Civics class in July 2022 to talk about what I do as a young person in politics and why it is important for other young people to get involved too.

I was an accredited journalist at the 2022 Conservative Leadership Announcement

Behind the scenes of one of my radio appearances

The very first time I voted... June 2022

With former CTV host Evan Solomon

With CBC host David Cochrane

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