About Me

Hello! My name is Vincenzo Calla. I am a young political journalist, advocate, and leader from Ottawa, Ontario, and I am glad you are here. I like to create political content, discuss politics with my peers, and get involved in different political stuff whenever I can! 

I have been politically engaged since I was 10 years old, dating back to the 2014 Ontario Provincial Election. I took an interest in politics because I noticed that it is a way to make your voice heard, and I liked that. Over the years, I have been getting more involved in politics as a young person through many political youth organizations, campaigns, being a political panelist on the radio, and especially though interviews on my channel!

Through VCalla Productions, I am able to interview so many political figures and share content about what is going on in politics with many, which I enjoy doing.

Outside of politics, I like to read lots of books, play video games, spend time with my family, and getting creative in many ways.

Getting young people involved in politics

As a young person involved involved in politics, I have made it my mission to talk to as many young people as possible about the political process, the importance of politics, and so much more. In this photo, I was visiting a High School Civics class in July 2022 to talk about what I do as a young person in politics and why it is important for other young people to get involved too.

I was fortunate to have been welcomed back to a High School Civics class again in July 2023. A year later, many things have changed for me in politics, my journey, and my work. I was glad to have been able to do this again!

Behind the scenes of one of my radio appearances in May 2022

The very first time I voted in June 2022

I was an accredited journalist at the 2022 Conservative Leadership Announcement in September 2022

With CTV host Evan Solomon in September 2022

With CBC host David Cochrane in September 2022

With CBC Journalist Joanne Chianello in February 2023

Behind the scenes of an interview with Conservative Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman in March 2023

In front of the Prime Minister's Office in April 2023

At West Block on Parliament Hill in April 2023

Behind the scenes of an interview with MP Michelle Ferreri on Parliament Hill in May 2023

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