I am working on a number of great projects that I hope you will enjoy! Please check them out!

Monday and Thursday, 3:00pm ET

The VCalla Show is a show where I bring you in-depth coverage about the world around us, welcoming a variety of guests.

Wednesday, 10:00am ET

Let's Discuss Politics is a show on YouTube where I talk with all sorts of politicians about their careers and politics today.

Friday, 10:00am ET

Top 10 is a show on Instagram where I talk with all sorts of politicians about themselves non-politically, in 5 minutes!

Content during Election Campaigns

The Political Job Interview is a show on YouTube where I interview candidates running for election,  taking on the role as “the boss” giving them a job interview.

Content during Election Campaigns

Election Watch is a series of content spread throughout YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more during election periods.

Available on Social Media & YouTube

VCalla News Update is a series of content on social media and YouTube where I update you with news from Ottawa, from Ontario, from Canada, and from across the world as it comes.

Entire series available on YouTube

Meet the PMs is a show on YouTube where I talk about all of Canada's Prime Ministers and their careers, the good and bad parts.


Over my various shows since August 2021, I have been fortunate to have welcomed over 80 elected officials, political candidates and other guests to my channel.

Let's Discuss Politics

Election Watch

The Political Job Interview