Friday, 10:00am ET

Top 10 is a show where I talk with all sorts of politicians about themselves, non-politically! These videos are really to get to know the person in a non-political way, learn about the true them!

What is the format?

The interviews are about 5 minutes in length, and I ask the same 10 questions to the guests. Top 10 is the companion show to Let's Discuss Politics.

The show is very casual, and fast paced! We get through some fun, and simple questions, not related to politics, because everyone needs a break from politics once in a while, don't you think?

The 10 questions asked are as follows:

Welcome to Top 10, here's what you need to know

Take a deeper look into what the "Top 10" series will be like, how it will run, and what I will talk about with guests.

Watch the latest episode!

For Episode 32, I am joined by the MP for Oakville North—Burlington and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety, Pam Damoff!

ALl interviews & my guests

Since August of 2021, I have had many guests on Top 10, and the former version, Top 5 in 5. I have had MPs, MPPs and Candidates from all political stripes and backgrounds and have had great conversations with all of them. To watch these interviews, click on the guests' photos or underlined names.

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Episode 33: Stephanie Kusie

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Episode 34: Ryan Turnbull