VCalla Productions


Welcome to VCalla Productions, your source for Canadian politics, history, culture, and more.

VCalla Productions is created by Vincenzo Calla, a podcaster, and content creator from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with a focus on politics, history, culture, transit, and local issues.

By taking a look around this website, you will find photos, videos, and links to VCalla Productions content here, and across various social media channels.


VCalla Productions is currently comprised of 10 projects, most of them active with a few that are currently on hiatus. These projects range from interviews with some of the biggest political figures across Canada, to educational videos on Canada's history, to updates on the biggest news, whether that may be on public transit in the City of Ottawa or what's happening on Parliament Hill.

Meet Vincenzo

Vincenzo Calla created VCalla Productions in 2021 when he was 17 years old, just prior to the 2021 Federal Election. As a young person who had always been interested in politics and history, he created VCalla Productions as a way to express his interest for these topics, while also being able to be creative and help engage and teach other young people about these topics.